Located central in Tasmania, we at Heli-Adventures Tasmania are able to assist your organization in a professional and timely manner. With many years of experience we conduct a wide variety of operations, whole year around and because of our central location in Tasmania we are able to reach most of the state within one hour’s flight (one way) to help you minimize the total cost. Please contact us today for a quote or detailed information of how we can assist you best.

Applications include:
- Aerial Photography and Filming
- Aerial Survey
- Private- and Corporate Functions

Aerial Photography and Filming

Photography and filming

Professional photographers prefer the helicopter as an aerial photographic platform for its versatility, stability and unmatched manoeuvring capabilities that help to compose the
"perfect shot".

Our helicopters can be flown with the doors removed for unrestricted visibility at any
camera angle.

Our pilots are experienced in working with professional photographers for many different types of photo- and film jobs, and will work with you as a team to deliver the best possible results for the client.We offer to either work with your photographers, or provide "all-inclusive" service, including timely delivery of the images in digital or print format.
Please contact us for quotes and reservations.

Building and Development Documentation

Construction progress photos are vital for large and small construction and development projects. Aerial images taken from our helicopter offer an unmatched at-one-glance overview of what is happening at your worksite.

Our pilots can overfly your project at regular intervals as many times as required, while ensuring a consistent camera angle and altitude for each shot. This provides accurate documentation of building progress and work schedule, and helps to identify any problematic areas.

We offer to either work with your photographers, or provide "all-inclusive" service, including timely delivery of the images in digital or print format.

Please contact us and allow us to provide a quote for your project.

Real Estate Photography

High quality, current aerial images are guaranteed to make your property stand out from the crowd in today’s competitive real estate market.
Like no other perspective, aerial images can showcase the location, layout and surroundings of your property at one glance.

Helicopters are the shooting platform preferred by professional photographers for their versatility and maneuverability. The aircraft doors can be removed, allowing a wide range of unrestricted camera angles, including vertical shots.

We can fly with your photographer, or provide "all inclusive" service. Our experienced pilots will work with the photographer as a team to deliver the best possible results, tailored to the individual requirements of the client.Whether you are a private seller, developer, agent, or a prospective buyer - this service is a small investment that can easily pay for itself.

Please contact us and allow us to provide you with a quote for your project!

Aerial Survey

Our helicopters are available for charter for a wide range of aerial reconnaissance services. The modern Robinson R44 is the perfect platform for many aerial survey missions due to its speed, reliability, ability to land almost anywhere, and low operating costs. We are able to perform a broad variety of operations both high level and low level.

Applications include:

  • Monitoring of vegetation and ground cover
  • Monitoring and Inspection of plantations
  • Fire spotting
  • Flood/Levy inspections
  • Pipeline patrol
  • Storm/Fire damage documentation
  • Wildlife and fishery surveys

Please contact us with your enquiry for pricing and further information.

Private and Corporate Functions

Are you looking for something special to do with your clients or employees this year? How about adding a helicopter to your Christmas party, Company Anniversary or other meeting?

Our facilities are located on a large, beautiful farm property, right in the middle of Launceston - a location ideal to accommodate your corporate or private event.

Our helicopters are also available for daily charter use at your event location anywhere in Tasmania.

Whether you are looking to add a bit of adventure and entertainment to your corporate function, or for a place to host your wedding party – Heli Adventures Tasmania can turn your function into something truly special.

Please contact us for individual quotes and pricing!